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Los angeles personal injury lawyer

Compensation Comparison for Personal Injury in an Uber

  • Los angeles personal injury lawyer BER has returned and, this time, it seems that they have returned to stay. Once again a debate is opened with many nuances.
  • The discussion includes aspects of the license: market liberalization; the submerged economy or the acceptance of collaborative consumption economies.
  • Legalcar’s lawyers We are especially concerned about the difference in coverage a victim receives from having suffered a traffic accident in a Taxi or Uber.
  • To carry out a fruitful analysis of the victim’s coverage, we have to understand exactly what both services consist of.
  • These services may seem the same, but they have basic differences in terms of the legal personality of the occupant.
Los angeles personal injury lawyer
Los angeles personal injury lawyer
  • Therefore, we can check whether the customer is entitled to compensation for traffic accidents depending on the type of customer or user that is.
  • Before continuing with the article, from Legal Car we want to insist that at no time do we intend to position ourselves.
  • We want to open a balanced debate with rigorous information and with a focus on the defense of the victim due to traffic accidents.
  • We start from the objective basis that the taxi drivers sector is a very rigid group with important entry and exit barriers.
  • This factor has been taken advantage of by UBER, which is a liberalizing platform that uses the innovative technique of collaborative consumption thanks to technology.

The rigidity of the guild of taxi drivers

  • The guild of the Taxis is rigid. The license to be a taxi driver is higher than € 150,000 in Madrid. This is a great barrier to entry.
  • Even so, Madrid has a great offer of taxis. The very high amount of the license is an important barrier to entry, but also an exit barrier.
  • This rigidity results in a great imbalance between supply and demand.
  • In addition to the license, taxi drivers have to face other expenses and requirements.
  • They must certify that they do not suffer from any disease through periodic medical check-ups. It completely vetoes your access to people with criminal records.
  • Regarding education, it is required to have Compulsory Secondary Education.
  • They also have to pass mechanical controls more rigorous than those of a normal driver (ITV) among which is the revision of the brakes and tires twice a year.
  • Regarding the client’s defense regarding the possible compensation for accidents, which is the main issue that concerns us, taxi drivers pay an average of € 1,200 per year in civil liability insurance.
  • This insurance protects travelers from a possible accident. In other entries of the Blog, we comment on the way to claim accidents as taxi customers.
  • In this article, we will focus on differentiating the legal figure of the user with respect to both services. In the case of Taxis, it is clear, the user is a client that receives a service of transportation of people.
  • This service is regularized so that the defense of the victim is duly established.