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Once you understand that you’ll have a lot more luck. So, this video went a little long, hopefully, this is helpful and let me know how it works for you. Looking forward to hearing some success stories. with John Kelly, John is a personal injury attorney in Phoenix Arizona he’s agreed to answer some online questions that were posted these are related to car accidents.

so with that said John let me go ahead and ask the questions this from Jacob ass I was in the mall with my wife and ten-year-old daughter we were going up the stairs and my daughter tripped over of building materials some of the building materials were which were left on the stairs she ended up with a sprained ankle and we went to the hospital normally this wouldn’t be a serious issue but she isn’t she my daughter’s in gymnastics and she’s extremely good she’s having to go to take my heart.

she’s having to take months off to do rehabilitation this situation seems to get worse and worse what type of recourse is available and in this case what would compensation how would compensation be calculated and just as a note I said car accidents this is a compensation levels right well this is an interesting case a lot of legal issues come up in it and one of the first ones that I notice is that Jacob mentions that there are building materials that this daughter fell over so the question is was their construction going on at the mall that they’re.

Because when you’re looking at it from a personal injury perspective we have to show that there was negligence so were these building materials in an area that they shouldn’t have been caused unreasonably dangerous situation for his daughter so I want to give some documentation on that hopefully there was a report taken maybe there was a photograph that was that are available the question is who was facilitating these built building materials being.

There was this the mall uber accident attorney were they contracting out to another company there could be different policies if it was a building a construction company they could have been you know consulting with another company that we could look at too so we have to establish there was negligence there and was negligence that’s the big issue there when you look at her potential rehabilitation and it’s I was like because she’s so good at gymnastics there’s going to be a lot of rehabilitation.

so some significant medical expenses that we want to get her compensated for so we will want to look at what her hospital bills are looking at those records with the doctors that are doing the rehabilitation for her and then finally she’s going to have a lot of what we call Incan suffering and pain and suffering includes things such as I was a great Jimmy.